Micropayment services could succeed if there was a standard to unite

July 30, 2022 by No Comments

The good thing about this platform is that various publishing platforms can work collectively and work from it. The seller would include an encoded link on the home page during the transaction. When an interested buyer comes across the page and starts the transaction, then the 소액결제 현금화 사이트 would go to an internet wallet and stay there. The service provider would access the wallet and send it to the concerned parties. Typically micropayments are used for pay-per-use digital goods like movies, books, and songs, but can also be used to verify account identity or for online payment.

Because there are plenty of other free sources available on the internet, the payment popup is simply an annoyance that will make them turn to another source. The free content available on the internet is easy to find with search engines like Google. Free content is an evolutionarily stable strategy, in that it works well when everyone is using it and it is resistant to changes .

Indeed as I mention in my article, there is a long quest for “”micro-payments”” and even now technology is not fully mature to fully support the use cases, but am convinced that ultimately it will happen. As for many evolutions, markets don’t evolve as quick as people anticipate. Of course, this time could be different, because of recent launches of Basic Attention Token, Kin Kik and Facebook Libra, all of whom have set their sights on micropayments as a key target market for their new cryptocurrencies. More experience in the domain of micro-payments, e.g. premium SMS, mobile content billing, pay per telephone call, pay per telephone minute, pre-paid cards, mobile payments via SIM cards like in Africa (e.g. M-Pesa in Kenya). Most likely the above limitations will best be overcome by having an integrated wallet in your browser. The user would setup a single link with his bank for this wallet, after which the different online websites only have to connect with the wallet and don’t need to have any account information .

It’s still too early, though, to say how many U.S. customers would buy a variety of content via wireless devices. In addition, it isn’t clear whether content that can often be obtained for free on wired networks can be sold on wireless devices, says Peter Rysavy, a wireless technologies consultant. Rysavy questions whether there’s any content consumers want enough that they’re willing to pay for and receive it over relatively slow wireless networks onto a device with a tiny screen and keyboard.

Nearex is taking on the challenge of making electronic payments as simple and easy to use as cash, and affordable enough for the smallest merchant in any country. Digital payments in India aren’t as popular as M-pesa in Kenya where users pay digitally for such small transactions like bus tickets or purchase of fruit.

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