Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Batteries – What to Look For in a Toy Like This

October 19, 2021 by No Comments

Laser gun toy have been a popular theme since October, when Nerf released the first of its “Nerf Guns” series. These toys can be used to recreate a variety of military themes, including combat, helicopters and even some police themes. Although they originally were made for use with Nerf N Strike video game consoles, they have since found their way into the kid’s rooms as well. The original Nerf guns used a red color based foam dart and worked by emitting a beam of light similar to that of a real gun’s sight.

In addition to using foam darts for Nerf guns and laser blasters, these toys can also be made from plastic and other soft materials. A popular design for these items is the Nerf n Strike Lx-8 Hot N Pepper Machine Gun, which has four groups of eight dart each. It is an excellent choice for kids and adults who want a small, quiet, yet powerful machine gun.

There are three major companies that make these Nerf guns including Hasbro and Stern. Hasbro produces the Nerf n Strike and Hasbro N Strike plus SPG model kits. Stern produced the Nerf machine gun with the SPG model in mind, but with an increased clip size and a few other added features. The Hasbro Laser gun is the most popular and can be found in most retail stores for twenty dollars or less. The Hasbro laser gun is almost as large as a fully automatic Airsoft gun and works best with an airsoft spring or powered base.

Two other major companies that make laser tag blasters are CTA and Radiance. CTA has a full lineup of handheld laser tag blasters including the TRX Mini blaster and Radiance assault pack. Each one has its own unique design and although they all utilize red ink, their firing rate and accuracy is about the same. The Radiance package includes an AEG mini-airsoft rifle. These models are much larger and weigh two hundred and forty-five pounds for the mini version and over one thousand pounds for the full-scale assault package. Each of these models utilize an eighteen volt lithium battery.

The type of batteries that are used for either one of these systems will vary depending on the manufacturer. Each company will list exactly which batteries it uses in their websites. Be sure to purchase a set that lists the batteries used in the system along with the corresponding numbers such as the overall count, range, maximum continuous firing range, and minutes of battery life. If you are not sure what these numbers mean, you can find them on the manufacturers websites. Using these numbers will help you determine what your particular system’s batteries will be.

Overall, these guns are great for children and adults of all ages. Children love having their own Nerf wars with friends while adults enjoy using them at tournaments. Nerf does offer a decent price for the items it offers and many users report high quality construction as well. The best part of these toys is the fun they provide to users of all ages.

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